ARiS was formed in Tanzania 20 years ago as a small proprietary agency which has now grown into a major regional corporate operating in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and the United Kingdom. ARiS has maintained for 15 years the largest market share in Tanzania, a position they aim at replicating in the rest of East Africa.

ARiS is the only broker in Africa registered as a broker at the Lloyds of London. Globally, there are only 200 Lloyds brokers authorized to transact business directly with the Lloyds of London.

ARiS is also a Chartered Insurance Broker in Africa. There are less than 150 corporate organisations globally awarded the prestigious Chartered Insurance Broker by the Chartered Insurance Institute of the UK.

The status as Chartered Insurance Brokers is an assurance of overall standard of excellence, professionalism and evidence of commitment to customers, partners and employees. The award therefore recognizes and confirms the distinct commitment defined by their catchword, “ARiSe”, signifying continuous vigour in the delivery of innovative risk management solutions.

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