Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA)

Our actuaries are members of the UK Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (“IFoA”) and follow the actuarial codes, standards and guidance provided by the IFoA, the Financial Reporting Council’s Board of Actuarial Standards and the International Standards of Actuarial Practice.

The professional standards that we follow are comprehensive, wide ranging and help to ensure that:

  • Our services are provided professionally and with due care
  • The results we provide are relevant, presented clearly and are complete
  • The assumptions and methodology used are explained and disclosed clearly
  • We consider all of the relevant features in relation to the assignment and the law
  • Conflicts of interest are identified and managed appropriately
  • Data used in our investigations is subject to sufficient scrutiny and checking for purpose

Our reports contain sufficient information for users to understand and judge the relevance of the contents of the report.

We follow the UK actuarial professions requirements in relation to reviewing work that we present to our clients. In view of the scale and materiality of your assignments we will arrange for an independent peer review to be carried out prior to delivering our final report.

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