Corporate Social Responsibility

Being successful in today’s world is essential to a lot of companies including ours. At RCL we believe that being successful comes with a great responsibility to provide for others. As part of our corporate social responsibility program, we spend a lot of our time visiting children’s homes because we believe that each child in our community is a vital part of the future. One of our key goals is to inspire these children in becoming successful individuals who will build a brighter future for generations to come.


04 December 2021

Mbazizo Community Based Organisation

We had a successful CSR activity on Saturday 4 December 2021 in Bamba, Kilifi County, where RCL donated food stuff to families affected by disabilities (both mental and physical). Bamba, is a remote village about 2 hours away from Mombasa that has suffered from a prolonged drought (it has not rained there since April this year). The RCL Team was received by the Mbazizo Community Based Organisation (CBO) which looks after the welfare of these families and the members affected by disabilities. This visit was organised in conjunction with Mnara Education Limited, based in Mombasa.


11 January 2019

Likoni AIDS Orphanage Center – Lunch


9 May 2018

Port Reitz School for the Handicapped – Lunch


14 December 2017

Mombasa Children’s Home – Christmas Dinner


Mombasa – December 12 2016

RCL team helping out with the SMBS initiative to distribute food and water supplies to drought affected regions of Marafa  and LangoBaya. Over 12,000 individuals were supplied with around 120  tonnes of supplies!



Mombasa – 5 June 2016

RCL serving lunch and distributing gifts at The Port Reitz School.

Mombasa – 20 September 2015

RCL serving lunch and distributing gifts at Tumaini Children’s Home.

Mombasa Children’s Home – 12 July 2015

RCL organised a day out at Nyali Beach for Tumaini Children’s Home and Mombasa Children’s Home.